Monday, March 11, 2013


Please be advised, Mature Content below.
These pieces of art were inspired by one (of the many) references the Simpsons paid tribute to the film “A Clockwork Orange.” One reference in particular, in Tree House of Horror III (the episode with the segment “King Homer”) where Bart Simpson is dressed in the costume of Alex DeLarge from the film. I spring-boarded from that image and thought it would be humorous to take Bart and some of his friends, dressed them as Droogs and pose them in legendary scenes from the film.

For me, the comedy comes from the collusion of two generational behemoths. That even as controversial as the Simpsons kids are (or were), they are nowhere near as insane the Droogs in “A Clockwork Orange,” and implying that these cartoonish icons could be capable of the types of things that are done in a film like “A Clockwork Orange,” is sort of funny to me. Of course, I have a skewed sense of humor. LOL!

The Simpsons characters owned by FOX
Done on 11x14in Bristol board with ink, Prismacolor markers and Prismacolor pencil colors.

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