Tuesday, December 25, 2012


My tribute to the Rankin and Bass Holiday Classic!

Done on 11x14in Bristol Board with Copic and Sharpie markers, and paint.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"You know what? Nobody likes you, Booster."

This quick drawing is a Christmas present for my cousin who’s favorite Christmas movie is “Jingle all the Way” It’s not my favorite holiday movie (honestly, it’s pretty awful), although, I would  be lying if I didn’t admit that I do watch it everytime when it’s on television. And it deserves some recognition, it’s obviously Schwarzenegger’s last great movie (who would’ve thought! Though, an argument could be made for T2). Arnold is really trying in this movie, yelling classic catch phases at the legendary Phil Hartman (Damn, why couldn’t him and Sinbad switch parts, how cool would that be?! Or better yet, not have Sinbad in it at all).

It’s a pity that the Schwarzenegger caricature is a little off target (the expression I stole from Kindergarten Cop), and of course I’m riding on the internet remix of “put that cookie down!”

Stay tune for my next holiday drawing, it’s gonna be brilliant… you can almost say it glows.

Oh, and lastly, they say “no one likes Booster.” Well, I love Booster!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In celebration of “the Hobbit.” I like the Lord of the Rings film. I think they are ok, even when they sometimes feel bloated by their running time. However they are kept watchable by the “magic” of the worlds and the talents of film makers to take the countless plotlines and history into something effortless (I could never get through the books for this reason). But one thing I always enjoyed about the movie were the production design and the SFX, the best which involved this little critter, Gollum. This guy is favorite character. The animation and care that brought this guy to life is spectacular.
The upcoming release of “the Hobbit,” I am a little wary of, but hope for the best. However I would like to feast my eyes on Middle Earth one last time, and meet Smeagol again.
Done on 11x14in Bristol Board with ink and copic markers.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


This is my Demo-Reel using chips from some of the projects I have done for the Delgado Television Department at Delgado Community College.

Music is used by permission from Kevin George.


Besure to check out the Vimeo link to the video below.


Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden

A video I spent a summer making.

This is a sort of PBS-style Promo/Documentary on the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden near the New Orleans Museum of Art. I would like to thank Pamela Buckman and Kevin George, with the help of Delgado Television Department for making this video possible.

If you are ever in the city, check this place out!


This is an old video I made for the Music Departmen, in fact this is the first project I made for my television class at Delgado Community College.

Little personal history: I didn't edit this project on Final Cut or any program that offered multiple layer timelines. I edited probably 4 hours (probably more, I can’t remember) of footage and audio. However,  the soundtracks on the old Pinnacle Studio software I was working with at the time, could, if I push it to its limit, give me 2 extra layers of sound. So, how I started was to edit my video segments first (which only allowed me one layer of video), and my first pass was also my only pass. I made all my editing decisions on that first pass, and for audio I concentrated mostly on the interviews. I had 3 different set-ups of the audio for the interviews, and the music classes, (I know that sounds a little obsessive, but it was my first time recording an interview so I wanted to cover my ass in the likelihood of chaos. And in the end, wouldya know it, I used all 3 configurations). One was a lavaliere microphone hooked up to the HD camera (this was the sound I used most of all because of the better quality), the second was a built in MIC on a mini DV (the poorest sound of all three, but had to used it in some instances), for interviews I had a 2 camera set up, the HD, the better camera, would be for close ups and the DV, the poor quality camera would be the wide shots.  Lastly I had my back up, a portable digital sound recorder I placed just out of the frame (which I used more times than I should, it saved my ass plenty of times). Anyway, I would sync up the audio by hand (a pain in the ass) and decide where I would like to overlay the audio over the video, make that pass, dump it onto a tape, delete the edit because the pinnacle studio couldn’t hold much video and was touchy about crushing without warning. I would then upload the first pass I’ve done from the tape, then start adding the music in the concert classes, which was an ordeal onto itself. The classes would play 2-to-3 different songs several times, some rotation better than others, and songs lasting a range of lengths which I had to shape into something short, but overall long enough to give the impression of the class.  This went through countless passes. Each time dumping the edit onto a tape, deleting the video on the software, uploading the pass onto the computer again, and add another audio layer, make adjustments because you can’t change them later (this explains why in the video the volume of the audio dips too low in places. Sorry.), and repeat the process again, and again. Then at last you finish up with the music score and adjust to play it over the entire video, then, you add the end credits and you are done.

So, basically, I’m bowing at the feet of Apple and Avid for creating an easier to use (video editing-wise) software, and declare them my new gods.    

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I remember when I was a young lad when this new show called "the X-files" premiered and became one of my favorite shows. But you can't imagine how excited I was when I saw an episode of my all time favorite tv show, "The Simpsons" one Sunday night in 1997 and Mulder and Scully guest starred!

However, other than a brief nostalgic trip down memory lane, I was planning to try to get this drawing signed by Gillian Anderson at the New Orleans Comic-Con. Unfortunately, she canceled her appearance. Maybe next year.


I haven't seen the movie yet. Does anyone know if it's any good?