Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In celebration of “the Hobbit.” I like the Lord of the Rings film. I think they are ok, even when they sometimes feel bloated by their running time. However they are kept watchable by the “magic” of the worlds and the talents of film makers to take the countless plotlines and history into something effortless (I could never get through the books for this reason). But one thing I always enjoyed about the movie were the production design and the SFX, the best which involved this little critter, Gollum. This guy is favorite character. The animation and care that brought this guy to life is spectacular.
The upcoming release of “the Hobbit,” I am a little wary of, but hope for the best. However I would like to feast my eyes on Middle Earth one last time, and meet Smeagol again.
Done on 11x14in Bristol Board with ink and copic markers.

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