Saturday, December 15, 2012

"You know what? Nobody likes you, Booster."

This quick drawing is a Christmas present for my cousin who’s favorite Christmas movie is “Jingle all the Way” It’s not my favorite holiday movie (honestly, it’s pretty awful), although, I would  be lying if I didn’t admit that I do watch it everytime when it’s on television. And it deserves some recognition, it’s obviously Schwarzenegger’s last great movie (who would’ve thought! Though, an argument could be made for T2). Arnold is really trying in this movie, yelling classic catch phases at the legendary Phil Hartman (Damn, why couldn’t him and Sinbad switch parts, how cool would that be?! Or better yet, not have Sinbad in it at all).

It’s a pity that the Schwarzenegger caricature is a little off target (the expression I stole from Kindergarten Cop), and of course I’m riding on the internet remix of “put that cookie down!”

Stay tune for my next holiday drawing, it’s gonna be brilliant… you can almost say it glows.

Oh, and lastly, they say “no one likes Booster.” Well, I love Booster!

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