Monday, April 29, 2013

I Want You To Do Me A Favor . . .

I think I feel a series of drawings brewing? Calvin and Hobbes in scenes from "Fight Club!"

Suffice to indicate, this is a spoiler to the 14yrs old film, “Fight Club” (holy cow, has it been that long?).

The idea of this drawing came simply:

1)Calvin and Hobbes is an endearing comic strip about a boy who gets into all kind of madcap adventures with his stuff tiger toy, Hobbes; who is also his imagery friend.

2)Fight Club is a generational defining film (and novel), about a normal man (a button-down, Oxford-cloth psycho) who get into all kind of madcap adventures (if you want to call it that?) with Tyler Durden. Later, the normal man discovers near the end that Tyler was his imagery friend.

Do we see the similarities, everyone?

And being a big fan of both materials, I thought it would be a bit of fun to cross them over. Also, there is always amusement in combining kid friendly material with rate R entertainment, check out my Simpsons/Clockwork Orange crossover to see what I mean.

Author note: A lot of respect to Bill Watterson, he is a tremendous and inspirational artist. If you haven’t read “Calvin and Hobbes,” I strongly suggest for you to check out his work.

Done on 11x17in Bristol board with ink and prismacolor markers.

Calvin and Hobbes created by Bill Watterson

Fight Club own by 20th Century Fox

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