Friday, August 1, 2014

Dissection of my Work of Progress

I tried to put together photos of my Work In Progress of my latest work, “Rocket Raccoon.”

1: I start with an under-drawing drawn in black Prismacolor pencil.

2: I go over the drawing with an acrylic wash with a mop brush, Purple for the background and Burnt Sienna for Rocket.

3: Then I render the drawing with layers of color pencils. I start with blacks to add shadows and work the values to dark colors to lightest.

4:  Next, I add highlights to the eyes, fur and suit with acrylic paint.

5: Nearly done, I reinforce the black again making it bolder and fixed up the details.

6: I flick black acrylic over the drawing using a toothbrush dipped in paint for the spatter effect. I cover area with paper towels that I want clean.

7: Finally, Rocket Raccoon is finished, and I could have stopped right here, but I felt I should add one more thing.

8:  I drew in an outline around the character with an orange pencil color to bring the figure out of the background. Though, I don’t know I needed it.
Done on Bristol 11in X 17in board with Acrylic paint and Prismacolor color pencils.

Thanks, everyone for checking it out.

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