Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hunt the Duck Knight


A tribute to my favorite cartoon character and one of my favorite books in one piece of art!
So, I looked up Darkwing Duck on the net for model reference, and noticed that there was an official comic series based on the cartoons. More ingenious was that the series paid homage to classic Batman comic covers by sticking Darkwing Duck characters in the same layout. However, I thought it was unusual that none of the Darkwing Duck covers ever referenced one of the most recognizable splash pages in the history of Batman books. So, I thought I better hurry up and whip this up before someone else got to it.
Have y’all figured out the book I riffed on?? Sure, you have.  If you collect comics it’s most likely in your in your library.  
That’s right, folks! The legendary Batman and Robin splash from Frank Miller’s ”Dark Knight Returns”
Done on 11x14in Bristol Board with ink, sharpies marks and color pencils.
Also, check out the Darkwing Duck comics. They have amazing work by James Silvani and Leonel Castellani.

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