Monday, January 28, 2013

Sometimes, Some Crimes...


So, honest to god, the theme song was stuck in my head the entire time I was drawing this... I'm still recovering from it.

Rescue Rangers is one of my absolute favorite cartoon shows, headlining my personally beloved Disney characters, Chip and Dale!
Also, if the layout seems familiar to you (and it should) that's because it's a direct homage to Drew Stuzan's movie poster for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Stuzan is god, everyone.

The subject matter goes quite well with the overall concept of Stuzan's design. The show itself is adventure oriented, and heck, Chip is dressed in Indy's outfit. So, it would make sense to show off the characters in an Indiana Jones-ish poster art.

11inx14in Bristol board, ink, prismacolors markers, sharpies, but mostly with prismacolor and crayola pencil colors.

"...Grey skies. It's trouble. Bad guys see double. When they're around. The chips are never down---" Dammit, I will never get rid of it!

Characters owned by Disney

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