Monday, September 2, 2013

Little Louie: the Dream Master

This is an entry to a contest Capcom is holding for the new DuckTales game, “DuckTales: Remastered.”

The guidelines is to either draw in the Ducktales characters into the box art of a Capcom video game, or “duckify” a character from a Capcom game.

I sorta did both.

I chose a box art from an old 80’s Nintendo game from Capcom that I was always very fond of, “Little Nemo: The Dream Master.”

The box art expresses sheer imagination. I loved it since I was a kid, and wanted to “recreate” it one day. I finally got my chance with an added “DuckTales” favor to the piece—which—Is always fun to draw in whenever I get a chance.

The art was done on 13in X 17in Bristol Board with Sharpies, Prismacolor markers, and color pencils.

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