Friday, May 23, 2014

Uncovering Film Treasure Thought Long Lost!

Movie geek out time!

A little film history:

In the late 70s, Steven Spielberg was asked to make a sequel to his hit, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." The idea for the sequel was instead changed to an original horror science fiction story titled, "the Night Skies."

The film was suppose to tell about a farm family's scary encounter with three mischievous aliens. Then, through the course of the movie, the family's youngest son befriends one of the less naughty, and shy member of the trio of aliens.

This film was intended to be Spielberg's follow up to science fiction and his return the horror genre since "Jaws."

Though, the film never got off the ground. It never went beyond the start of Pre-Production.

However, what made this failed project infamously special is that scenes and elements of "Night Skies" ending up shaping the films, "Poltergeist," "Gremilns," and Spielberg's own "E.T."

Since word of this undeveloped film was out movie aficionados have searched for any scrap of evidence of the film's existence. All that has come up was a screenplay and a blurry picture of one of the aliens.

It seemed that no new clues would be unearthed from the precursor of Spielberg's most beloved films.

Until now.

After decades of searching and waiting, Make-Up extraordinaire Rick Baker (an American Werewolf in London, Harry and the Hendersons) released these crisp, sparking clear photos of the Aliens from "Night Skies" he created for Steven Spielberg.

...Ok, geek out over.


Please check out Rick Baker's Twitter Account.

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